Staying fit and healthy has now become a good kind of trend that every single one of us can accomplish, while some do it to maintain shape or even get in to shape. While we all have our own reasons to join in the good trend of keeping our body toned and active, some of us are still lost in the process.

“What do I do? Where do I begin? When should I start?” To answer these common questions, why not read the list below and slowly organize your thoughts about working out?

We all get lost even in simple things, but that is normal and nothing to panic about. Human as we are, we want to learn new things and while exploring, getting lost is inevitable. So as a beginner to working out, start with the light and basic.

Warm Up

To begin, do a simple warm up by doing arm circles for 60 seconds, then do some high knees for another 60 seconds. Now that you’ve warmed up, we can start with our main exercises. Do the following:

  • 60 seconds squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 60 seconds donkey kick
  • 15 seconds plank
  • 60 seconds side-squat-crunch
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 plank ups

Cool Down

For your cool down, do a quadriceps stretch for 60 seconds (30 seconds for each leg) and a rhomboid stretch (30 seconds for each arm).

If the mentioned exercises above are too easy for you, then adding some more is always welcome. Just remember that you are still a beginner and you don’t want your body overworked. This might cause some serious trauma or injury. So go on your own pace and live healthily!

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