What does purple signify?

For many people, purple is a favourite colour, combining beauty, confidence and calming qualities. Here’s a look at what this fascinating colour actually means.

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A mixture of elements

The mixture of blue and red brings together the stability and vibrant energy from each respectively. This cool and warm combination makes it a strong, confident colour that’s regularly associated with power, wealth, ambition, independence and nobility. These run alongside the more calming associations of magic, mystery, peace, devotion and mystery.

Getting the balance right with purple is important. At the more extreme ends, too little purple can lead to apathy and a sense of powerlessness, while too much can evoke impatience and hubristic qualities.

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Purple in nature and the world

Purple is quite rare in nature, giving it a sacred property whereby the likes of orchids, violet flowers, lilacs and lavender are viewed as delicate and cherished. There are various beneficial effects upon the body from this colour, from nurturing feelings of spirituality, creativity and sensitivity, to calming nerves and boosting positivity. It’s linked to spirituality, connection to the universe, fulfilment and the higher self.

Throughout history, purple has represented wealth, power and devotion. For instance, with royal purple robes worn by high-ranking individuals. The delicate, spiritual associations with sadness evoked through this colour are reflected in the use of purple in Thailand for mourning widows, the Purple Heart to wounded soldiers, and in the purple poppy to remember the animal victims of war https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/45975344.

In language, purple has been incorporated into specific phrases. For example, purple speech refers to profanity, and purple haze refers to drug-induced states.

The different shades

There’s a beautiful spectrum of purple shades and tones, including the likes of mauve, lilac, plum, aubergine, thistle, amethyst, wine, puce and pomegranate. Each shade could bring out the powerful, creative or calming of purple, from purple home accessories to a purple maxi dress, so if you’re looking for a purple maxi dress visit AX Paris.

Given its special, sacred place in nature, purple typically inspires a sense of uniqueness, but shades have their own meanings. Darker tones are linked to more negative feelings of frustration and sadness. Light shades are linked to romantic feelings and feminine energies, while brighter hues are associated with royalty and wealth. Picking purple means bringing forward beauty, individuality, a sense of peacefulness and positivity.

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