what are the corporate functions of apple inc?


The name of the company was first set by Steve Jobs when he was on a fruitarian diet and went on a visit to a fruit farm. Jobs thought that this name was not that intimidating and was spiritual.

Apple’s first logo was designed by Ronald Wayne, where he depicts that Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree.

This idea was immediately replaced by Rob Janoff’s rainbow apple idea, and Steve Jobs liked the idea as it was a silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Firstly Jobs thought that it was a very good idea to keep a rainbow apple as your logo to show that their new product the Apple II can show graphic as well as colours.

  • Advertising:-

Apple (apple stock) had made many slogans from the start, and the very first slogan was a bite into the apple.

Then it was changed to think different, and later on, it was changed to hello, my iPhone, say hello to my iPhone etc.

Apple first introduced Macintosh were in 1984 with the super bowl advertisement to look like more modern to everyone in the country.

Apple’s product got a lot of fame when Canadian singers like deist came to sing a song named 1234 for Apple’s advertising, and due to this catchy and good tunes advertisement, Apple became famous.

  • Headquarters:-

Apple’s headquarters are situated in the middle of the Silicon Valley at 1- 6 infinite loop, Cupertino, California.

The Apple company has a total of 8,50,000 acres of land.

Apple has a satellite campus in Sunny valley where they use to test every single one of their products.

  • Stores:-

Apple’s first store was launched as two locations in May 2001 by Steve Jobs, and even after so many failed attempt, he kept on going till he met perfection.

Jobs thought that he has to build something that people will see, so he hired Ron Jonson in the year 2000 so that they can improve the performance as well as the system of Apple Inc.

Apple built many stores around the world when Apple opened its store called as two physical stores then it started to gain some popularity, and slowly it got very famous and earned up to 1 Billion USD in sales after the opening of that shop.

Recently to prevent the name of Apple Inc. getting spoiled, they removed their producing unit from China to India to get more customers. If you want to buy the share of Amazon, you can check its income statement at https://www.webull.com/income-statement/nasdaq-aapl.

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