How to wear neon successfully

Neon can be an intimidating shade to wear. Worn wrongly, it can be obnoxious and garish. As the bright sun of summer approaches, however, bright neon starts appearing in the halls of fashion. If you want to be stylish and wear neon, here is how to do it successfully without falling into any of the main traps.

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Small touches

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You could start with just the smallest patches of neon to spice up a more neutral outfit. A neon hairband or hat, or perhaps a neon stripe on your shoes, can be vibrant without being obnoxious. A neon handbag could also help ease you into the idea of wearing neon, and could potentially be matched with your neon shoes for a coordinated look.


Another way to use neon to add a striking, energetic note to your outfit, without it taking over is to pair it with some more neutral colours. For instance, beige trousers with a neon top can balance the best of both worlds. Dark colours such as black and khaki also match well with neon.


If you are going for a neon top, wearing a darker blazer over the top may offset it nicely. Conversely, when you are wearing one of your summer dresses such as those at

Embrace it

Alternately, you could go all out and wear neon from head to toe. Wear it with confidence and you are guaranteed to turn heads. Neon looks particularly good with darker skin tones, as otherwise you may end up with a washed out look. Even Queen Elizabeth II is known to choose neon colours to help her stand out at formal occasions.

Choose your colours

When you think of neon, you probably imagine the green or yellow that you can also find on a high-vis jacket. This does not have to be your only option, however, and some neon shades may not be as harsh. Pink is just one option that can be softer than the traditional neon whilst still brightening your outfit.

You can choose several different ways to wear neon depending on whether you prefer the subtler or more vivid approach. Either way, the most important thing is to wear it with confidence. With neon returning to fashion this summer, you will be the height of style.


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