All You Need to Know About the Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common skin condition among babies. It may be alarming to the parents and can irritate the baby, but it is not life-threatening and clears up in a matter of days if the right action is taken. It appears as a pattern of swollen scaly rashes on the baby’s bottom that cause it to turn red. Diaper rash is often blamed on wet and poorly absorbent diapers, the baby’s skin sensitivity and other chemical factors.


Usually, if your baby has diaper rash, you will notice that the skin on their bottom and thighs has turned a bright red. You can see the rashes which appear as a pattern of scaly lesions. In extreme cases, they may be filled with pus.

You may also notice that the baby acts like their bottom, thighs and genital areas are tender. They are particularly uncomfortable when the diaper is being changed or when the affected area is being washed.


  1. Stool and urine

The baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, so much that any prolonged exposure to urine or faeces will irritate it. Stool has worse effects than urine, so the baby is more vulnerable if they have frequent bowel movements or diarrhoea.

  1. Friction

If the baby’s diaper or nappy is fitting tightly, then they may be likely to suffer from a diaper rash, considering how much babies move even on their backs. Make sure that they have enough space for the baby to move comfortably without too much rubbing or chaffing.

  • Chemical irritation

The sensitivity of a baby’s skin cannot be overemphasised. Exposure to chemicals and other ingredients found in wipes, detergents, diapers, fabric softeners and other such items could irritate the baby’s skin and cause a severe rash.

  1. Infections

Bacterial and yeast infections thrive in areas that are particularly warm and moist such as the baby’s bum and genitals. These are the perfect breeding grounds for such microorganisms, and it requires a good level of cleanliness to prevent the baby from contracting such infections.

  1. New foods

When you introduce your baby to new foods, the frequency of excretion and the chemical composition of their stool changes. This imbalance may also be caused by something the mother has eaten, especially when the baby is being breastfed. Stool that is too basic or acidic will cause diaper rashes.


The easiest way to avoid a diaper rash is by changing the baby’s nappy or diaper frequently. This reduces the time your baby’s skin is in contact with her stool or urine.

You can also clean the baby’s bum each time you change the diaper using come clean and warm water. This should balance the chemical levels on their skin and remove any irritants.

Another way to prevent diaper rashes is by making sure that your baby’s diapers are not tight fitting, are breathable and absorbent.

Conclusively, diaper rashes are relatively common and should not be alarming unless they manifest at a significant extent.  You can carry a lot of preventative items in your diaper and nappy bag. They are easy to prevent, and you can save your baby much pain by changing the diapers often as well as watching out for the chemical components of any cleaning agents you use on them.

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