Modern Day Advice on how to Wear a Suit

The year 2019 was the time that men’s fashions dramatically changed. However, some things with men’s clothing styles remain the same. This is especially true for men’s suits. No matter which direction men’s clothing style go, suits will always remain a staple in their wardrobe. Keep reading to figure out how suits should be worn in the modern area. 

The Secret to Wearing a Suit 

When a guy wears a suit it must conform to their body to get the best fit and look. WikiHow provides advice on this topic and they recommend using a tailor to get the perfect fit. They also recommend sporting a suit that tapers at your waist and accentuate your shoulders. The hem of a suit should fall close to your fingertips when your hands are at your side. A tailor is the perfect person for providing the best fit for a suit. They can make the necessary adjustments and alterations to make a suit fit perfectly. You are also strongly encouraged to remove any labels showing on the sleeve or any other part of the garment. 

How to Wear a Suit 

Scoop Whoop is an internet news and media company. They feature articles on various subjects including some useful information about wearing suits in modern society. They too have a few recommendations for guys wearing suits. First, they provide advice on how to sport basic finishing touches for suit wearers. For example, you should always unbutton your suit when you sit down. You should never wear a sports watch with a suit and you should keep the last button of your suit jacket unbottoned. Scoop Whoop also informs guys to stay away from baggy trousers, don’t wear too many accessories and not wear belts with suspenders. These basic rules will help a guy to look his best when is donning formal wear. Circle S dress pants can also be worn to help form a unique looking suit. 

Suit Fundamentals all Guys should know About 

No man should ever wear an off color for a suit unless an event or situation calls for this type of action. Suit colors such as red, lime green, yellow, orange or bright purple should be avoided at all cost. There is very little reason for a guy to walk out of their home looking like a crayon box exploded on their clothing. Just avoid those colors when it comes to suits. You should also match your socks with the color of the suit. 

Socks should not be the opposite color of a suit they should have the same hue as much as possible. If you have to wear socks that do not match up with your suit, then wear a darker color as opposed to a lighter one. Most modern suit wearers do not wear standard white shirts with their outfit. They now wear colored shirts with give them more options with tie selection and suit styles. These useful tips will help you to sport your suit like a refined gentlemen who knows how to wear their clothes.


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