Teacher Training for Beauty School

Some people know right away what they want to do for a career and others need time to sort it out. There are two-year degree colleges and then individuals can go on to further their education to a four-year university if they wish. Another great option for educational training is learning a trade. There are many trades that are constantly hiring and seeking well-trained professionals. When people think of the trades they often consider union jobs such as construction and HVAC. A very popular trade that is constantly seeking employment is the beauty industry. Salons and day spas in virtually every neighborhood are hiring for various beautification positions. 

When you enroll in beauty school you can pay as you would for a college or you can take out a loan. You will want to meet with the administration department while enrolling and then be referred to financial aid. There are several types of positions you can train for while enrolled in beauty school. You can train to become a stylist that cuts, colors and processes men’s, women’s and children’s hair. You can also train to become a nail technician. Nail technicians learn all aspects of manicures and pedicures and many also learn basic body treatments such as paraffin treatments and body waxing. Another specialty field that salons and spas hire for are massage therapists. Massage therapists will learn various types of massage techniques as well as aromatherapy training. There are massage therapists that do sports massages, prenatal massages, and relaxation massages. When you meet with the administration they will be able to help you decide which course of study is best to pursue at the beauty school. 

If you live in a more rural area you may have limited choices on which beauty school to attend. If you live in a larger city such as Chicago, you have a difficult time deciding between the many cosmetology school choices. There are many options for teacher training for cosmetology Chicago IL. Chicago has schools that have multiple locations in various parts of the city as well as surrounding suburbs. Many locations for the same institution make accessibility easy for students. You will not have to pass up on your desired school because of location; you will simply have to select which location to obtain your training at. 

General information for beauty school is the same at all beauty schools in the Chicago area. Students will study General Theory and Basic Training for 150 hours of classroom instruction. This portion of the training introduces students to chemicals, shampoo techniques, and other basic salon techniques. Practical Chemical Application and Hair Treatment take up about 500 hours of classroom time. This is hands-on experience with hair color, perm processing, bleaching and deep scalp conditioning. Students will also learn how to use all salon and spa shop equipment. Salon Management and Interpersonal Relations take up 200 hours of class time, this course teaches students about laws, first aide, bookkeeping, management and other business aspects. Esthetics takes up 85 class hours, Nail technology takes up 55 hours of the practical learning experience and there are about 35 more hours of classroom management and assessments to round out the cosmetology certification program. Once you have completed all of these educational requirements you will be able to begin working in a local salon or day spa. You can also further your education and learn how to become a teacher at local beauty school and teach cosmetology to new students.


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