Is the Zit Patch Right For You?

If you are like me, I am pretty sure you hate it when your face starts to breakout. It could be because you aren’t washing your face properly, your skin isn’t moisturized enough, or you had an allergic reaction to something. Whatever the reason for your breakout, it can be quite an embarrassing or annoying experience. If you have tried every single over-the counter medicine for your acne and nothing worked, then you might want to try a microneedle zit treatment patch. The microneedle pimple treatment is a small patch with similar looks to a bandaid. Each patch contains tiny little spikes thinner than a strain of hair. The spikes deeply penetrates the skin and the medicine is absorbed. This is how you use the product, It’s a simple process. First you rub the pimple with a pad soaked in tea tree leaf oil and salicylic acid, both amazingly powerful ingredients that kill harmful bacteria. Once the pimple has been cleaned, you apply the patch on your skin for a few minutes, then peel it off. It might hurt a little, so peel it off carefully. 

They Are Great For Fighting Cystic Pimples 

Cystic pimples are caused by genetic and hormonal problems, and they are the most difficult type of pimple to get rid of. Once you get rid of them, they can easily come back and wreak havoc on your face again. To make matters worse, typical acne products such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic aren’t the best products to use on these blemishes. You’ll need to go deeper into your skin in order to remove these, and that often means a trip to your dermatologist office for an injection or antibiotic treatment. The microneedle patch can get deeper inside the skin than other traditional skin products can. 

Some Patches Can Absorb All The Pus Out Of Your Pimples 

This is one of the best reasons why you should use the patch, the hydrocolloid patches have thin spikes on them that suck up all the junk and pus from the pimple, which helps improve the healing process. The patch has acne fighting ingredients. Each microneedle patch has salicylic acid that are combined with nicotinamide , which helps the hyaluronic acid and microcirculation process penetrate the skin and give it moisture to stop the skin from scaling and losing moisture. The patches also have peptides that gives the collagen a boost. 

Some Patches Use Microstructure Instead Of Micro-Needling

Some people say microstructure patches are better than micro-needling ones because they don’t puncture the skin. In addition to this, some people are afraid of needles. The microstructure patches can also go deeply into the skin without puncturing it. There’s also some patches that can smooth out wrinkles or get rid of those annoying eyebags! Do you plan on using the pimple patch or did you already try it? What was your experience? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us with others!


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