Excessive Arm Fat or Skin? A Liposuction or Brachioplasty Incision Can Help

The arms are probably the most significant fat excess on the body after the stomach. Some people have excess arm fat or skin due to defects or sudden loss of weight as explained here. The good news is there is an arm lift Columbus OH.

 Liposuction of the arm is the first plastic surgery for fixing the simpler problem of the two. Liposuction is works well for the area in the arm lingering extra fat inside where it should not. This procedure is recommended for younger people with excessive lingering fat due to a defect or injury, or a recent loss of weight. The age recommendation goes hand in hand with youthful skin’s ability to snap back into place easier than older skin with more waste. This incision is simpler with just an insertion made into the arm. The patient will also get anesthesia without having to do an overnight stay at the hospital. 

The second of the two procedures involves removing much more excessive fat off the arm. This procedure is mostly for people who have lost excessive amounts of weight and have lots of lingering skin on their arm. This incision is also for older people whose skin cannot snap back as easily as younger skin. The procedure is called an arm lift or brachioplasty and is done alongside liposuction, but here the skin is removed in its complete excessiveness along with getting lifted back to normality. The normal scar found with the post-operative liposuction surgery is found between the inside of the elbow and the armpit. This allows for a hidden view of the scar. However, when a lot of patients have too much fat the scar reaches towards the chest leaving an L like shaped scar instead. 

Both operations are focused on the inside of the arm instead of the outside, since the fat found there is more apparent and easier to remove than skin found on the outer part of the arm. The natural process of the surgeries is that one should be done in case the other one does not work first. The arm liposuction is the first choice of the two, since, it requires a smaller incision and less healing. The arm lift is the follow up procedure in case the arm liposuction does not provide the best results for the patient. 

Another alternative to the larger of the two procedures is a smaller, less thorough version of the arm lift or brachioplasty. The mini version of the brachioplasty inserts an opening into the axilla. The scar is barely visible, except when extending the arm out. This procedure requires very little removal of the skin, so not a lot of people qualify or desire the small resulting incision. 

Fat and excessive skin both contribute to unattractive arm deformations, however, both can be improved through the two operations of the arm. Either an upper arm liposuction or arm can improve the look of arm fat in the upper section of the body.


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