An Essential Guide to Breast Enhancement

We live in a society that places a lot of emphasis on the way that people look. Quite a few women try to look good but think that their breast could use improvement. Often, women complain about their breast sagging, drooping, or even getting smaller after a pregnancy, while others complain that their breasts were always on the small side. The average breast augmentation Sydney patient is interested in breast augmentation or enhancing the breast area to produce a more fully rounded breast that improves her appearance and builds self-confidence. 

What Is Breast Augmentation? 

Now, it is time to take a closer look at breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is also known colloquially as a “boob job.” Breast augmentation, breast enhancement, boob jobs, or mammoplasty are all terms that are used to describe a plastic surgery procedure that is performed to increase the size of a woman’s breast. The fact is that this type of plastic surgery procedure is one of the most popular one’s performed today for primarily aesthetic purposes. 

Best Candidates 

Thanks to advances in modern surgical technology, this plastic surgery procedure is relatively safe. However, there are some candidates that should consult with a medical professional before seeking this procedure. Still, the absolute best candidates for breast augmentation generally have the following characteristics. 

  • They are in good physical shape
  • The candidate should have realistic expectations about the results
  • Their breast is already fully developed, and they are not still in the growing stage
  • The candidate is dissatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy
  • The breast does not have a similar shape. For example, one breast is large and the other is small

Types of Procedures 

The average woman is presented with several types of breast enhancement or augmentation types to consider. Generally, this is specified during the consultation. The plastic surgeon will suggest the best option for the patient. Here are a few of the types that are usually suggested. 

  • Saline Breast Implants – these implants are filled with a saline solution or salt water and are thought safe
  • Structured Implants – the structured implants are also filled with a saline solution, but provide structure to create natural looking breast
  • Silicone Implants – the implants are filled with a silicon solution and look very natural
  • Stable Implants – contain a thicker substance than other implants and hold their shape, even if they are damaged


The breast augmentation consultation will provide the candidate with the opportunity to ask the plastic surgeon more questions about the procedure and to discuss other concerns. For example, the length of recovery time or if scarring might occur. 

Don’t be afraid to ask you plastic surgeon questions. Of course, it is also important that you get the very best care during the procedure and after the procedure. Therefore, it is vital that the surgeon is board certified, and experienced with performing this procedure.


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