So You Want A Beauty & Fashion Career?

The beauty and fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that spans the globe. Far from being shallow, it is an international juggernaut with many career opportunities whether you live in Idaho, New York City, or Tokyo. There are so many careers that contribute to beauty and fashion that if you want a career you will have to narrow down what you enjoy and are most qualified for. 

Models often come to mind when someone mentions beauty and fashion. Responsible for creating the sense of want and urgency to buy is at the root of their success. Models must come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to the vast variety of people around the world. Generally if you are a female who is 5’10” and fairly thin you will be able to get work in the modeling world. Modeling is a big challenge because often there are not enough jobs to go around and some models are more highly favored than others. The pay can be inconsistent and the career is not a lasting one for most. However, if you earn well as a model, it can be a springboard to other careers for you. 

A lot of people love helping others look their best. Cosmetology training is a popular route to learn how to do just that. When you get any cosmetology training chicago il you will perform beauty treatments for people’s hair, nails, and skin. Top earners can earn well over six figures a year and typically have multiple streams of income to make this happen. Those who cater to high end clients can be called away on with a moment’s notice to work whereas most have stable work hours and the same location each day. 

Beauty and fashion photographers are critical to creating a mood or feeling with nothing more than a photo and that mood or feeling must sell the beauty and fashion products it focuses on. Most photographers are trained and highly experienced experts with personalities that allow them to work with different people in a creative manner. The income potential is good in the beauty and fashion industry and the perks of the locations cannot be beat. You may do a shoot in a studio, on a gritty street, or even an uninhabited island depending on the client’s needs. If you love photography and the beauty and fashion industry, this career is the likeliest choice for you. 

Another beauty and fashion career is fashion designer. This career could be the fit for you if you are creative, have good drawing skills, and are competitive. You also need to know a lot about fabrics and the texture of fabrics so that you can create pieces that work well for your target customer. On top of this, you need to have the people skills that will allow you to work well with others. Being a fashion designer is not easy but can be quite financially rewarding for those who correctly identify their target customers and fill their needs.

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