Getting Ready for Spring Break 2019

The holidays have ended, and the weather is grim, but there is a beacon of light that will give you something to look forward to. Spring break is right around the corner. Sun, sand, and cocktails await you. Go into spring break vacation this year with confidence that you both look and feel your best. There’s still plenty of time to complete these simple steps to a more beautiful and confident you just in time for spring break. 

Get Healthier 

Too often when people think about improving their health, they automatically think of weight loss. While losing weight is usually beneficial to overall health there is a lot more than can be done to help yourself become healthier from the inside, out. So this year don’t look at the scale no matter how tempting it may be instead, focus on how you feel in your clothes and in everyday life. These are better indicators that a number on a scale. Use these tips as a starting point. 

  • Try to make half of each meal a fruit or a vegetable
  • Increase fiber intake or take a fiber supplement
  • Take a prenatal vitamin daily for healthier hair and nails
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs

Look the Part 

Nothing stands out more than pasty skin on a tropical beach. Skip this faux pas by heading to tanning salons Castle Rock CO. Traditional tanning and spray tans are available for everyone. 

A fresh new hairstyle can really boost your confidence. Before leaving for your vacation schedule an appoint to have your hair cut or colored. You will head into spring break a new woman. 

Finally, don’t forget to attend to your nails. A lot of time will likely be spent either beachside or poolside and your toes need to be on point. There’s no need to head to get a pedicure unless you want to as you can get quality results at home. Another benefit of a DIY pedicure is that you can take the bottle of polish with you for flawless touchups at the hotel. 

Pack Smart 

Unfortunately, you cannot pack your entire wardrobe and bathroom. That means what you do pack needs to be essential. Select an outfit a day then add two special outfits for night time events. Add a comfy pair of PJs, extra undies, and at least two pairs of shoes. Finally, include your makeup essentials, toiletries, OTC medicine (think Pepto Bismal and ibuprofen), sunscreen, passport, and phone chargers. Traveling light make the airport easier and provides extra room to bring back souvenirs. 

When the winter months seem endless spring break interrupts the monotony for unforgettable fun. No matter where 2019’s spring break destination takes you it is best to plan ahead. Getting healthier, looking the park, and packing wisely will lead to a more confident you that can really relax and unwind while having fun rather than being self-conscious.


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