Facts about Colored Contacts you probably weren’t aware of!

Wearing colored contact lenses is one of the best ways to bring about a dramatic, yet temporary, change in your physical appearance. Unlike a haircut or a hair dye job, you can simply take out your lenses as soon as the day is over. These colored contacts come in a huge variety of colors and you can have your pick.

From traditional colors like hazel, blue and black to red and even glass white contact lenses; there is a lot to choose from! If you are toying with the idea of using colored contacts for the first time, then it is better that you have some background knowledge about them.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of must-know things about colored contact lenses, so sit back and read on.

Colored Contacts Are Like Regular Contact Lenses

A common misconception about colored contact lenses is that they are different from regular contact lenses. This is not true at all. Colored contact lenses are basically regular contact lenses which have been dyed. The dyes used are biologically compatible and are used in such a way that the central portion of the lens remains transparent and the surrounding portion absorbs the dye and turns opaque.

Colored contact lenses can be in a plano form, meaning that they don’t have any power and can only be used for cosmetic purposes. On the other hand, they can also come with a power for correcting vision.

You Will Need a Prescription to Purchase Colored Contact Lenses

Another misconception about colored lenses is that you can buy them without a prescription. Although this may hold true if you are buying them from an online retailer, it is always recommended that you get a prescription before purchasing colored lenses.

Furthermore, only purchase colored lenses from a registered retailer.

An eye doctor will not only thoroughly examine your eyes to ensure that you can safely wear colored contacts but will also ensure that the recommended lenses fit your eyes properly. Once he/ she is done, you will be given a prescription. It will be worth it!

Colored Contacts are a Little Thicker than Normal Contacts

Unlike regular contact lenses, colored contacts are a bit thicker which can make it easier to pop them in and out. However, because they are thicker, it can cause a bit of discomfort and this is another reason why you should go to your eye doctor for the fitting. If you regularly wear contact lenses, then it will take some time getting used to wearing these thicker lenses.

Nonetheless, colored contacts are fun to wear and even if you feel different for a bit initially, you will feel completely normal within minutes.

Colored Contacts Should Not Be Worn for Longer Periods of Time

Although it is quite exciting and fun to change the color of your eyes, it is important to remember that they should not be worn for longer periods of time and there is a good reason for that.

These lenses are thicker than the regular contact lenses and are not that permeable to oxygen. Wearing them for longer periods of time or more than the recommended time duration can cause oxygen depletion and subsequent damage to the eye. So enjoy wearing them to special events or even in the office, but be sure to wear them for the prescribed time only!

They Require Same Upkeep as Regular Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses require same level of upkeep and maintenance as regular contact lenses. Washing your hands and drying them on a lint-free towel before touching your lenses is the first step.

Make sure you are using the recommended contacts solution to rinse and disinfect your lenses. Always ensure that you keep your lens case clean and use a proper solution to put your lenses in. The bottom line is that you should be efficient and mindful when it comes to maintaining your colored contact lenses.

Do Not Ever Share Your Lenses

You might be totally digging your friend’s glass white contact lenses that she is wearing at the party but don’t even think of asking her to borrow those lenses! Sharing lenses is a big no-no and for a good reason. Sharing lenses actually leads to swapping of eye germs and this, in turn, can cause severe eye infections.

Anyone Can Wear Colored Contacts

If you’d love to try out colored lenses but are a little hesitant, then it is time to let go of your fears. Not only are colored contacts fun to wear, they cater to everyone. From powered colored lenses to colored lenses with zero power to a huge variety of color options, you wont be disappointed.

Colored Contact Lenses Are Easy to Put On and Can Bring Up Your Fashion A-Game!



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